___________ LADY GAGA__________ The Bee Cocoon is Perfect for You!

             Jerome Rozen/American Museum of Natural History

NPR.ORG recently published a wonderful story about the discovery of cocoons made by bees from the petals of flowers.

Busy Bees Use Flower Petals for Cocoon Building

According to the article, each 1/2 inch cocoon is ” a papier-mache husk surrounding a single egg,  protecting it while it develops into an adult bee.”  Incredibly, these gorgeous cocoons were simultaneously found in Turkey and Iran, and an article about their discovery was published in combination in American Museum Novitates.

The cocoon struck me at once as a dress form fit for a queen – not necessarily a queen bee. 

Lady Gaga came to mind and, well . . .  I just could not resist fitting her in one – of course, a much bigger one.   I just hope that she and Lady Starlight would think that it’s glam.


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