The 17th Green at Augusta National Looks Like It’s Been Bikini-Waxed for the Masters Golf Tournament


It’s been a full 15 years since Gary McCord uttered that famous line (above) while doing the commentary for the Masters Golf Tournament.  Unfortunately, for the viewers of the Masters, Gary McCord is still blackballed by Augusta’s powers-that-be from providing his glib and colorful commentary for CBS Sports.   Being out of the loop, as most of us are, I’m not sure why Gary has not been rehabilitated and allowed to provide his popular color.  Is it because he won’t tell the big boys that he was sorry (because he wasn’t).  Or, was it because he offended the delicate sensibilities of one of the sponsors, none of whom still back the tournament?  As I recall, Cadillac and Travelers Insurance were the sole sponsors back then, but they have been long gone for many years.

Maybe McCord wasn’t invited to hold a “rehabilitation press conference,” followed by an “official press conference”, by an esteemed long-time Augusta Gold club member,  saying how disappointed everyone was in his behavior.  Or was it because McCord has not gone into therapy for his misspoken ways?  Whatever. 

 OK, it was probably the money.  It usually is.

As I understand it, the Masters Golf Tournament is by invitation only.  I am surprised that I’ve never even heard a whisper of a discussion about Tiger Woods not being invited to the tournament this year – let alone being banned for life.  Why not?  Because the Masters Golf Tournament Committee members are about as disingenuous as they come.  But, since they own the tournament, I guess they can make their own rules.  Nothing novel about that.

My unsolicited advice to the Augusta National Golf Club is to stop the sanctimonious pretense, and invite Gary McCord back to the tournament.   I am sure the entire viewing audience would be more than pleased to give him a second chance.

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