I created my first blog, Funk University, about one month ago.  Strange as it may seem, I really do not remember why I decided to do so.  Blogs have never been popular reading for me.  I only regularly read one blog, Paul Krugman’s Conscience of a Liberal  in the New York Times.  He seems to be one of the very few intelligent economic voices out there.   I like to follow him so as not to get dumbed down by the likes of so many of the clueless.  He can also be quite funny.  Further, he suffers no fools nor other Nobel laureates.

Since Funk U was to be a new thing for me, I decided to do a little research on what blogging really is or, at least, is supposed to be.   In the process of trying to make that determination, I stumbled upon a an eye-opening number.  I discovered that 115,000,000 blogs had already been created.   I was at once dumbfounded by all of the reading material/opinions/photos/stories that I have, apparently,  been missing.  Then again, I am certain that I have missed more than 99.99% of all books written – even though I am equally certain that I have read more books than 99.99% of the average roomfull of book editors.

While I continue to blog away (about one post every other day), I continue to look for that second blog that will truly interest me.  Further, I will consider my blogging a success if I find at least one person who continually finds what I have to say interesting enough to return regularly.

Ok, maybe more than one person.  I think I’m past that.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Wow 115,000,000? That is mind blowing.

    • I have difficulty comprehding that number of bloggers myself. Yikes!

  2. Gosh, where to start? I guess with a recognition that Paul Krugman actually deserved his Nobel Prize for Economics, for work he did several decades ago. Unfortunately he has turned into nothing more than a political hack. He is willing to forget everything he ever learned about economics, going back to Econ 101 as an undergrad, in order to advance a political position. If Harry Reid needed a justification for more pork-barrel spending, Krugman would write an article saying pork-barrel spending was better for the economy than tax cuts. He would probably argue that digging holes and filling them up was a way to generate economic growth!

    Anyway, let me know what it is about Krugman that you find so compelling. And good luck with your blog.

    • First, thanks for wishing me good luck with my blog. I apppreciate that.

      You have a good point that the stimulus package monies could have gone to better places than they did. The problem is that Congress doesn’t know how to do it any other way than with pork barrel politics (McCain possibly being the exception). Krugman argued that more stimulus money should have gone to the States, who are hurting in a big way. This pain, of course, filters down to local municipalities, who depend on a steady flow of their share of State revenue.

      Krugman tends to grow on you. He is wonkish and quite technical at times for a non-economist (like myself), but I don’t consider him overly political. He is a staunch liberal, and he lets everyone know it. But he is not shilling for anyone. He is quite an independent thinker, and is not swayed by political argument alone.

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