New HIS and HERS Stackable Washer/Dryer Combo with QUAD Pedestals – UNBELIEVABLE!!!

It’s been under the radar for a long time now.  In spite of the secrecy, my sources have managed to get an actual picture of a completed prototype.  Sure enough, it’s the breakthrough that everyone has been waiting for in the washer/dryer arena.   Though the prototype looks a little wobbly, company engineers have provided assurance that this is a minor structural issue that will be resolved quickly. 

It is an impressive unit (I guess that you can call it a unit).  “What is has,” said a company spokesman, “is real heft.”  “And convenience, too,” chimed the design engineer, who conceived the product.  “It’s similar to his and hers sinks.  I mean, who doesn’t want double sinks when you wash and dry your face in the morning.  It just seems natural for the on-the-go couple to want the ultimate in personal, yet conjoined, twin washer/dryers.  It’s a totally now thing.”

It goes without saying that the unit will have the latest features – touch controls, steam options, 36 cycles, delay start, 20.6 cu. feet total capacity, 24 temperature settings, anti-vibration technology, pre-wash/bleach/softener dispensers, and energy-star compliance.   The quad pedestals are really what sets this product apart.  After the success of the useless single pedestals ($ 200 each), it was determined that if the concept was ever going to evolve, a double or triple stack wouldn’t quite do the trick.  Why not go all the way?  Sheer design genius.

As expected, the combo unit is dearly priced – $ 6,899 in white;    $ 7, 499 in blue or red (shown); and $ 8,999 in full stainless.  No rebates or reward points.

Even the kids are expected to love the product.  With the combined extra height and the front-loading doors, it is hoped that that the family children can be encouraged to play “clothes-toss” with their socks and soiled garments.  I agree that this could be a wonderful teaching tool for our children and grandchildren.

Pre-orders will be taken beginning in late fall.   All of the appliance stores intend to carry them in spite of the big price tag.  It is projected, however, that serious consumer spending will be on the upswing by then. 

The name of the manufacturer is being temporarily withheld at this time for security reasons.  However, I believe that I know the general place.  When the product is google-searched, the result comes up CENSORED. 


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  1. Oh my goodness. I have heard nothing about them. I can’t imagine many middle class consumers will be spending that type of money on washers and dryers. You could get a decent car for that price. I am curious who the manufacturers are.

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